Slinky supports the new refs API introduced in React 16.3.

Creating a Ref Object

To start using the new ref API, first create a ref object, which you can use as a ref property instead of a callback. The createRef method in Slinky takes a type parameter so that the ref type is statically typed.

Refs on HTML Elements

To create a ref for use with an HTML tag, type the ref to store an Element (from the scala-js-dom library).

val myRef = React.createRef[Element]

div(ref := myRef)

// somewhere else...

Right now, casting of the current value is still required because the ref attribute isn't specifically typed for each element. Watch this issue for updates on improving this.

Refs on Slinky Components

If you want to place a ref on a Slinky component, type the ref to store the Def type inside your component.

@react class MyComponent {
  def foo(): Unit = ...

val myRef = React.createRef[MyComponent.Def]


// somewhere else...